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BrillBird philosophy
In the word BrillBird ’Brill’ signifies precious stone; it is clean, shiny, sparkling from all angles yet in the same time it is tough and timeless. BrillBird products are the same: clean, sparkling and resist the passing of time – they are created to last. From this parallel comes the BrillBird slogan: your nail is your jewel. The second part of the word BrillBird is ‘Bird’, a stylized bird, the symbol of freedom and the soaring high; with the assorted and varied materials and sophisticated tools of BrillBird everyone can taste the creative freedom of beautiful nails.

BrillBird style
It is the most exciting task to create harmony between fashion and style, they seem so similar, yet they are truly different: fashion is dynamic, fast-paced, changing at least every six month, style is constant and is independent of the fast changing world of fashion. Style also renews itself in certain aspects and details, yet it always retains the unique and essential part of its character. BrillBird changes together with fashion: there are always new colors, new techniques and new developments, but in the meantime it has its own unique style independent of the whims of fashion, that is a safe anchor amidst the storm of changes: the BrillBird style is elegance.

BrillBird is an internationally recognised brand and is continually working on developing new products and techniques to be the best in the Nail Industry.

BrillBird as a brand is dedicated to providing the highest quality products along with the latest innovations and education in nails. Our mission is to continuously inspire, motivate and excite nail technicians with the possibilities, as well as to promote industry high standards through the appropriate training, education and industry support.

about brillbird south east nail products


BrillBird South East supply a large assortment of extremely high quality, fashionable and sophisticated BrillBird nail products and tools.

At Brillbird We specialise in the supply of Nail Art, Acrylic Nails, Gels Nails, Gel Kits, Acrylic Kits, Nail Files, Nail Tips, Sculpting forms, Nail Tools, Glitters, Decals, Stickers, Nail Brushes, Top Gels, UV/LED Gel Lamps, Nail Drills, One Step Colour Gels and Gel Polishes.

BrillBird products are easy to use; possess excellent colour clarity and superior adhesion, they have been created to last, all presented in a stylish and elegant packaging.

By keeping our finger on the pulse of the industry, BrillBird helps creating more revenue for nail salons and nail professionals all over the U.K. Anyone who uses BrillBird products in the South East will have instant access to innovative products, expert advice, salon tips, training tools and much more. We are proud to offer more than 1500 products. Our selection of professional, high-quality products provides nail technicians in Kent and Sussex with everything they need to create, high-fashion nails and nail art designs. We’re here to help you grow your business.

We also run a number of Accredited Nail Technician Courses to help improve your skills and industry knowledge. Our Brillbird can be found Here on our Academy site.

Brillbird Style

BrillBird changes together with fashion: there are always new colours, new techniques and new developments, but in the meantime it has its own unique style independent of the whims of fashion, that is a safe anchor amongst the storm of changes: the BrillBird style is ‘Elegance’. 

The BrillBird brand offer an extensive range of training courses to suit all, whether you are looking for a new career or want to develop  existing skills. All BrillBird courses are intensive and taught to a very high standard.

Our Educators have been trained by International Nail Icons to very high levels in all areas. All BrillBird Master Educators are certified International Nail Judging Association – INJA Judges, as well as Nailympia. The aim of our Expert Team of Educators is to share the skills, knowledge and passion with you, to deliver you best possible training on latest European trends and techniques. You can find more about our nail training courses here

BrillBird South East are here to help you grow your business.