BrillBird South East Training Courses

The BRILLBIRD brand offer an extensive range of training courses to suit all, whether you are looking for a new career or want to develop  existing skills. All BRILLBIRD brand courses are intensive and taught to the highest standards at our training facility in East Sussex.

brillbird training courses south eastIf you work in the nail business you’ll have been hearing a lot about Brillbird. An up and coming brand, growing in popularity with technicians across the globe. This Hungarian company is creating quite a stir. Brillbird is gaining popularity amongst technicians who want a quality, reliable product and wide choice from Brush and Go gels to creative acrylics.

With demand being so high, there are now BrillBird training courses being run by Master Educators throughout the UK and Ireland. The talented educators are regularly updating their training and techniques with new products, and provide in depth course materials and certificates to those participating in either a one-to-one or group event. The aim of the courses is to share knowledge, skills and our passion with our customers and promote new ways of creating beautiful, unique and long-lasting nail enhancements.

Our Educators goal is to pass on these skills, knowledge and passion to you. Delivering to you the best possible training on latest European trends and techniques. Starting you on your Nail career or furthering your nail skills.

All of our courses are ABT certified. Training packages include a course manual. This manual will cover the information you have been taught on the course and will act as a guide for you to refer back to. However should you need additional advice or help, our Brillbird South East educator is always available by phone or email.


Our BRILLBIRD Training Courses are available to purchase online, please browse our training courses on our Rocka Academy site.