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Brus&Go Gel&Lac Kit – NEON NIGHTS


Want to stand out from the crowd, wear NEON! This brush&go gel&lac kit will guarantee that your hands will the centre of attention! Great for parties, festivals or even everyday wearfor those who dont like to wear boring colours on their nails.



Ultra fine, sparkling glitters make this kit a very special one. There are 3 of the most popular brush&go colour glitter gel polishes are collected in a set:  glitter-  red, burgundy cherry and a peach pink. The lovers of glamour and  femininity will be pleased to wear these colours all year around.

Brush&Go Gel&Lac Kit – CELEBRATIONS


Festive mood of the holiday with BrillBird: choose the new Brush&Go Gel&Lac colors to dress your nails for you gala night just in 20 mins.The kit contains:Mystic Bordeaux (68), silver Champagne (69), Baby Pink (70).


Brush&Go Gel&Lac Kit – NUDE


BrillBird’s latest NUDE colours are even longer or shorter in nails. NUDE nails, like natural NUDE-like nails, are also a great choice for mothers, working women, young people and the elderly, optically stretching the fingers of their wearers to suit all colours and clothes, and stylishly from playground to office parties to the evening party.

Gel&Lac Kit - Party Love brillbird

Gel&Lac Kit – Party Love


In our Party Love kit, you can find the spring-summer slogans: peaches, coral reeds, emeralds, a really hot burgundy, and a glittering jelly varnish that allows you to borrow extra glitter on any colour surface.

Gel&Lac Starter Kit

Gel&Lac Starter Kit


With its delicate, feminine packaging and professional gels, Gel & Lac-oz is the perfect choice. Indeed, all the necessary props and 5 trend colors in the box!