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Nail Stamp Tool.

Nail Stamp Tool


Nail Stamp Tool. High quality silicone, two differently hard surfaces are the key for the perfect stamping – for beginners and professionals!

Choose a pattern from the disc, cover it with nail polish, then remove the excess. Pick up the pattern with a rolling movement, then place it on the nail. Available with unique BrillBird design too!

Soft Touch Buffer for Gel&Lac


This ultra-fine, nail friendly buffer is specifically designed for natural nail preparation before gel polish and stamping design applications. This gentle buffer will not damage surface of a natural nail or nail enhancement, it is designed to gently remove surface shine.

Stamping plate holder

Stamping plate holder


Stamping plate holder

An album for storing your stamp plates and stickers with flip-off interior pouches so that you and your client can easily see the patterns. 6x12cm.